Pink Himalayan Salt Stone
Pink Himalayan Salt Stone

Pink Himalayan Salt Stone

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Pink Himalayan Salt Stones have been used for centuries when it comes to wellness and beauty. 
Pink Himalayan Salt contains more than 84 essential minerals that can be absorbed into the skin.


Cleanses skin

Softens skin 

Balanced pH

Removes skin bacteria 
Removes toxins 

Exfoliates skin 

Stimulates the body

Increases energy

Natural deodorizer

* Stone can be heated and used for massage.

* The Pink Himalayan Salt Stone is coarse and should only be rubbed on wet skin, the use of a mesh cloth can prevent scratching of skin and face. The stone can be rubbed on a cloth or body scrubber. 

* Stone should be dry between uses and stored in a dry place. Stone will last 2-3 months if properly stored.