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Libido Boost
Libido Boost
Libido Boost
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Libido Boost

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Libido Boost This organic blend of libido boosting herbs and mood enhancer adaptogens are a great add to your daily tea, coffee or smoothie. Libido Boost has been gently blended for you to add to your favorite beverage or drink as is.

Directions: Take 1 tbsp powder per 16 ounces of liquid or 1 full dropper under tongue or with 8 oz liquid. Take regularly for best results and benefits. 

Libido Boost Powder: 10 (tbs) 5 oz 

Libido Boost Drops: 4 oz = 24 teaspoons 

Gluten Free Paraben Free Preservative Free Natural Organic *Vegan Handcrafted Small Batches

 Benefits Promotes health and balance hormone levels, helping women with conditions like PMS, PCOS and estrogen dominance, as well as improve fertility, libido and stress management. Promotes healthy prostate in males and testosterone production, treats dysfunction, weak arousal, premature ejaculation, and boosts libido. 

Women Increases blood flow and improves sexual function. Phytoestrogens that act somewhat like the hormone estrogen. Helps to increase lean muscle mass. Prevents bone loss. Menopause. 

Men Increases testosterone production. Improves libido and boost circulation. Treats impotence (erectile dysfunction, or ED) Normalizes cortisol levels.

Libido Boost Powder: Ashwagandha - Restores the nervous system. Gives energy, calms anxiety and stress. Decreases inflammation. Improves fertility and sperm vitality.

Maca Root - Libido and energy booster. Enhances fertility and sexual interest without affecting hormones directly. 

Horney Goat Weed-  Benefits low libido, erectile dysfunction, fatigue, pain, and other conditions. 

Raw Peruvian Cacao - *Aphrodisiac, mood and endorphine booster. Lower stress hormones in your body, decrease anxiety and improve mood.

The Honey Helix Proprietary Blend

(Ceylon Ginger Clove Cayenne) Blood mover, blood vessel dilator and heart tonic. Increases circulation and blood flow. 

Libido Boost Liquid: Maca Root, Ashwagandha, Asian Ginseng, Shatavari, Shisandra Berry, Tongcat Ali, Damiana.

 *Listed are general benefits of the herbs, This is not to diagnose or replace medical treatment. Always be informed if you are pregnant, have allergies to these herbs or taking any medication that should not interact with these herbs.

* Consult your physician to see if these herbs are suitable for you. If you are pregnant or breast feeding speak with your physician about taking these herbs.