High-C Tea

High-C Tea

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Our High-C Tea, is a high Vitamin C tea blend with sweet orange peel and orange zest blended with immunity and energy herbs.

Organic Ingredients: Echinacea, Ginger Root, Ginger Root Powder, Orange Zest, Orange Peel. Turmeric Root. 

EchinaceaEchinacea has been shown to improve immunity, blood sugar, anxiety, inflammationand skin health.

Ginger- Ginger is loaded with antioxidants, compounds that prevent stress and damage to your body's DNA. They may help your body fight off chronic diseases like high blood pressure, heart disease, and diseases of the lungs, plus promote healthy aging

Turmeric- Turmeric benefits Depression · Type 2 Diabetes · Viral Infections · Premenstrual Syndrome · High Cholesterol · Alzheimer's Disease.

Orange- Healthy immune system, Assist blood pressure, Lowers cholesterol, Keeps blood sugar regulated, Prevents skin damage.  

* Listed are general benefits of these herbs. This is not to diagnose or replace medical treatment. Always be informed if you are pregnant, have allergies to these herbs or taking any medication that should not interact with these herbs. Ask your medical physician if these herbs are suitable for you.

5 oz