Candida Cleanse
Candida Cleanse
Candida Cleanse
Candida Cleanse
Candida Cleanse
Candida Cleanse
Candida Cleanse
Candida Cleanse
Candida Cleanse
Candida Cleanse
Candida Cleanse

Candida Cleanse

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Candida & Yeast Cleanse has been created to provide a natural non evasive remedy to rid your body of candida and balance your bodies intestinal flora. Providing relief from candida, thrush, candida rash, brain fog, excessively itchy skin, discharge, itchy genitals etc.

Candida is a type of fungus or yeast that normally lives inside the body and on the skin, and many species of this yeast can cause fungal infections if their numbers grow out of control or if they enter the bloodstream or other organs. This type of fungal infection is called candidiasis, and it is one of the most common types of fungal infection that people suffer from, and often people who suffer from candidiasis are completely unaware that they have it.

People with a candida infection can experience diverse symptoms such as fatigue, food cravings (especially sugar cravings), a mouth rash known as oral thrush, digestive issues, joint pain, urinary tract infections, skin and nail fungal infections, sinus infections, and numerous other symptoms.

Benefits :
Detoxes Parasites and Eggs
Detoxes Liver Fluke Parasites
Detoxes Candida
Supports Immune Function
Improves Intestinal and Gut Health
Improves Energy and Brain Function

Handcrafted -Natural -Organic -Non-GMO

Gluten Free -Soy Free -Vegan

Organic ingredients : Grapeseed Extract, Black Garlic, Coconut Oil, Oregano, Olive Leaf, Ceylon Cinnamon, Thyme Oil. THH 6-8 weeks Infused Herbal Oils. 

Grapefruit Seed Extract- 

Grapefruit seed extract is highly effective against a variety of yeasts and molds including Candida, Geotrichum, Aspergillus and PeniciIlium sp.

Grapefruit Seed Extract  has a strong antifungal effect against Candida albicans overgrowth. The extract is able to fight Candida by attacking yeast cells directly, effectively destroying those that have already taken hold in the body. 

Grapefruit seed extract can kill over 800 bacterial and viral strains and 100 strains of fungi. It interferes with the membrane of the bacteria, destroying the cell by breaking it apart. 

Garlic - ( Mullein Leaf ) Garlic treats infections. It's antimicrobial activity against bacteria, viruses, parasites, and fungi. Garlic is a good alternative to an antifungal drug (fluconazole) in the treatment of vaginal yeast infections, kill yeast and reduces symptoms of vaginal redness, discharge, and rashes. Garlic enhances the sensitivity of yeast to other antifungals infections. 

Coconut Oil-

Coconut oil is high in a medium chain fatty acids (MCA) that have numerous health benefits including antifungal activity.  The lauric acid and decanoic (or capric) acid that makes up roughly 48% and 8% of coconut oil respectively, have the highest activity against different Candida yeast. Lauric acid and decanoic acid disrupt the cell membranes of yeast. Also, monolaurin, (a derivative of lauric acid also found in coconut oil), inhibits biofilm formation which can reduce drug resistance, and it also enhances the host immune response.

Oregano Oil -  Carvacrol and thymol are anti fungal and are active against Candida yeast they both damage the yeast cell membranes an essential growth stage of the yeast are effective in killing certain bacteria and fungi responsible for vaginal infections and Candida. Oregano oil was found to be more lethal against Candida when compared to an anti fungal drug.

Olive Leaf - Olive Leaf  has oleuropein, a known active ingredient with anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, “it interferes with the production of amino acid for viruses,” effectively stopping the fungal infection from growing and spreading. 

Cinnamon - Cinnamon has the power to destroy the fungus Candida albicans, which causes most vaginal yeast infections.

Thyme Oil : Thyme significantly enhanced the destruction of the C. albicans fungus in the human body.

Gluten Free Paraben Free Preservative Free Natural Organic *Vegan Handcrafted Small Batches

1 oz Liquid 

Take 2-3 full droppers daily with 8 oz water consecutively for 5-7 days.

* Suggested to refrain from sugars, starches, yeast, molds, mushrooms and alcohol while using the candida cleanse for optimal effectiveness.

* Listed are general benefits of the herbs, This is not to diagnose or replace medical treatment. Always be informed if you are pregnant, have allergies to these herbs or taking any medication that should not interact with these herbs.

Disclaimer: This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

* Consult your physician to see if these herbs are suitable for you. If you are pregnant or breast feeding speak with your physician about taking these herbs.