Blood Orange Body Polish
Blood Orange Body Polish
Blood Orange Body Polish
Blood Orange Body Polish

Blood Orange Body Polish

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Blood Orange Body Polish, Polish your body with the decadent burgundy notes of delicious blood orange, tantalize your senses, exfoliate and hydrate your skin. 8 oz 
Directions: Apply to wet skin, create a rich lather by circular scrubbing motions. Allow to rest on skin for a few minutes,  then rinse.  
Do not expose open container to water.
Store in a cool dry place.

Organic Ingredients:

Purified Water, Aloe Vera Juice, Glucose, Glycerine, Sunflower Seed Oil, Argan Oil, Aloe Vera, Blood Orange Peel, Eucalyptus Oil, Clove Oil, Beet Root, Turmeric Root. 

  • Deep Cleaning
  • Skin Healing
  • Cellulite Smoothing
  • Skin Softening,
  • Skin Moisturizing 
  • Glowing Radiant Skin 


  • Clogged pores.
  • Body acne causing bacteria. 
  • Candida / Fungal infections. 
  • Inflammation skin / Dry skin.
  • Sagging / Cellulite / Lose skin. 

 *Listed are general benefits of the herbs, This is not to diagnose or replace medical treatment. Always be informed if you are pregnant, have allergies to these herbs or taking any medication that should not interact with these herbs.

Disclaimer: This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

* Consult your physician to see if these herbs are suitable for you. If you are pregnant or breast feeding speak with your physician about taking these herbs.